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UD x Fly Supply Partnership Release

Udonis Haslem and Fly Supply Clothing Partner To Debut 'Heart & Soul’ Limited-Edition Merchandise Collection

(Miami, FL) AUGUST 5, 2020 - Udonis Haslem (UD), the Miami born & raised three-time NBA Champion and Co-Team Captain of the Miami HEAT, has partnered with men's lifestyle apparel brand, Fly Supply, to launch his very own creative capsule collection coined Heart & Soul. Inspired by the diversity and rich cultural heritage of the City of Miami, the Heart & Soul collection combines the label's quality apparel craftsmanship with UD’s personal style and homegrown personality. 

“I had a lot of fun working with the Fly Supply Clothing team on creating my Heart & Soul collection,” said Udonis Haslem. "It's a true honor when young black entrepreneurs from your community value your opinion. Shoutout to these Kings for having a vision, putting together a plan, and executing it."

Drawing inspiration from its name "Fly," the Fly Supply Clothing brand encompasses confidence and innate creativity and encourages people to express themselves without limits. The values behind the brand coincide with UD’s own, creating a genuine alignment with his expansion into the fashion design space. The Heart & Soul capsule collection celebrates a unique partnership that echoes UD’s commitment to community and freedom of expression. 

“UD is a true beacon in the City of Miami so working with him to create this collection is something we are extremely proud of,” said Reginald Bordeau, Director of Sales and Marketing, Fly Supply Clothing. “The inspiration behind the ‘Heart & Soul” collection was to capture the true essence of who UD is as a person, businessman, philanthropist, athlete and a hometown hero.”

The limited-edition collection includes t-shirts and a tracksuit, all designed to incorporate personal quotes from UD, Miami HEAT team colors and, bits & pieces of the City of Miami and its culture. Ranging in price from $34 - $70, items are available to purchase online at

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3x NBA Champion. Born & raised in Miami, UD graduated from Miami Senior High School and played basketball for the Unive

rsity of Florida. In 2005, UD founded the Udonis Haslem Children’s Foundation whose mission is to promote youth development and self-confidence through programs and services designed to enable them to reach their full personal and educational potential. UD is a franchisee of five Subway sandwich shops and two Auntie Anne’s Pretzels stores in South Florida. He is a partner of JFC Miami, a food and beverage company that operates licensed stores, including a Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels on Jackson Memorial Hospital’s campus.


Fly Supply Clothing, the quality brand that inspires a way of life that encompasses confidence, creativity and freedom of expression, has flown to success, in just seven short years of operation. Drawing inspiration from its name "Fly", the men's clothing brand encourages people to express themselves without limits and to embrace new hip hop fashion trends with confidence. Fly Supply Clothing's concepts and designs have been snapped up by celebrities and athletes who share the brand's vision and ethos. Fly Supply Clothing has become renowned for its continuous release of designs and concepts, which are made available in limited editions, for breaking trends and for creating a bit of a buzz.

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